Rx Transcription & Coding provides a full spectrum of services for medical practices of all sizes, from single physician offices to specialty surgery centers; both in-network and out-of-network.  Each of our services can be contracted individually or combined to provide a more comprehensive solution.  We can even customize a service to meet your specific needs.  We offer in-house training for all billing services and ongoing phone support for each of our clients.  Rx Transcription & Coding strives to provide industry leading counsel for all of your medical service needs.

Core Services


RxT provides a full spectrum billing service including patient data entry, insurance verification, medical or surgical coding, collection, claims appeals, and patient balance billing.  Our claims submission is within 72 hours of receipt of patient billing information.  We specialize in out-of-network ASC collections and reimbursement.  Our experienced staff enables us to pursue the maximum reimbursements.


We provide a 24-48 hour turnaround on all transcription requests.  Clients can submit their dictations by phone utilizing our toll free call-in number.  All work is transcribed and uploaded to a secure, HIPAA compliant website.


With a combined 25 years of coding experience, our certified coders remain current on the CMS, CPT, HCPC, ICD9 and ICD10  tools.  Our coding service provides our clients with the peace of mind that all of their submitted claims are coded to ensure the maximum reimbursement.

Specialized Services


We consult on all aspects of medical billing practices including front office protocols, insurance verification, practice profitability, transitioning to in-house billing, coding verification and billing audits.

So why outsource…

There is a mountain of information  relating to the ever-changing insurance rules, HIPAA regulations and healthcare reimbursement.  Let us keep up with the education, upgrades and policy changes. Many healthcare providers have outsourced their medical billing to ensure that it is completed professionally and efficiently. Outsourcing the reimbursement cycle toRx allows you to save time and money and refocus your attention to the patient’s well being. Rx Transcription & Coding provides a specialized full service medical billing solution that employs the latest technology, techniques, and knowledge that can only be maintained by a professional team dedicated to providing top rate medical billing services.  Outsourcing your billing processes to RxT will deliver the following benefits:

  • Maintain control of your operating costs
  • Management of the billing cycle to increase cash flow
  • Eliminate everyday staffing concerns
  • Your team can focus on the practice

Outsourcing to Rx Transcription & Coding will allow you to focus on the practice and your patients.