Here is what our clients have to say about Rx Transcription & Coding:

Rx Transcription & Coding is a great billing company. I have a 5 year working relationship with them and they are by far the best that Ive worked with. I cant say enough on how great I think they are!!! Our Aging is the best its ever been do to the efficiency of Jill and Cathy’s staff. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an aggressive, professional billing company. – Administrator

“RX Transcription and Coding has been instrumental in the growth of Lasky Clinic Surgical Center. Cathy and her staff are very well versed in billing and quickly respond to any questions or concerns we may have. They have not only dramatically increased collections; they have provided consultation and supportive documentation to streamline our billing process.   The billing is done in a timely and rapid manner with limited to no need for follow-up on our end. Communication with the staff is excellent and on rare occasion, if a patient needs explanation beyond our capabilities, Cathy is always available.  My experience over the past 3 years with RX Transcription has been nothing less than excellent and I confidently recommend them to you.” – Administrator

“RX Transcription and Coding has done billing for 5 of my surgery centers.  They complete all billing tasks excellently, and I recommend them without reservation.  I think they do the best job of any billing service that I know of, or that I use.” – Surgery Center Developer/Owner

“RX Transcription Services is the BEST. Their professionalism and timeliness on billing and transcription is UNBELIEVEABLE. Our Physicians’ are amazed at the turnaround time, and the ease as to which they experience with every encounter. RX Transcription Services, also achieves high reimbursement and understands the necessity of appealing an incorrect claim.  Their  staff is always very professional, and  willing to assist both the office staff and patient’s. I would recommend RX Transcription Services to EVERYONE!” – Administrator